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List Your Property

To submit your property, please send us an email to enquiry@bangkokapartment.org and include the building name and address, unit number, floor, property size, no. of bedrooms and expected asking price for sale or for rent.

Also, if you have any photos that you could include in the email this will help us a lot to promote your property. Please try to keep photos to less than 1MB in size.

Your property details will be included on our database and we will consider your property for any suitable enquiries that we receive and contact you to confirm availability and to arrange viewings with our clients. Your property will not be included on our website unless you choose the "Guaranteed Website Listing" option below.


To guarantee a listing of your property on our website there is a small listing fee:
1,000 Baht for 3 months (333 Baht/month)

1,500 Baht for 6 months (250 Baht/month)

Front Page Listing - To include a front page listing, and additional 500 Baht fee will be add to the above.

For more information on "Guaranteed Website Listing", please send an email to neil@property-bangkok.com


  • Sales commission:
  • 3% of the agreed sales price
  • Rental commission:
  • one month rent per one-year contract

    The above rates also apply for the "Guaranteed Website Listing" option