Govt risks being hit by 'tidal wave'
  Govt risks being hit by 'tidal wave'

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Administration 'could be toppled' if it takes the matter lightly

Pracharat Party leader Snoh Thienthong yesterday warned the government to be careful how it proceeds in amending the Constitution, saying it risks being overthrown if it takes the matter lightly.

Snoh was speaking as he welcomed the press to his home during the Songkran festival. He said he foresaw tidal waves ahead for the government.

The ship itself is having internal conflicts and the captain is facing his own problems, he said.

He warned the ship could sink before it is even hit by a big wave, because of the attempt to amend the Constitution. It is not a game. If the government is not careful, the ship will sink and will be hard to retrieve, he said.

However, Snoh added that some amendment of the charter was inevitable but refused to say which articles needed attention. He said the charter-drafters who wrote the law had been prejudiced against politicians.

They do not realise that there are both good and bad politicians. The Constitution blocks politicians from carrying out their roles. Now even good politicians cannot come in to help the country. Do not listen to a few people if you want to amend the Constitution, he said.

Siriwan Noksuan, an academic from Chulalongkorn University's Political Science department, warned politicians not to create conditions that may lead to conflict and violence in their plan to amend the Constitution.

The move should not be for self-interest and the amendment should be considered in all provisions with public participation, by appointing outsiders from all sectors to reduce the pressure from opponents, she said.

Siriwan voiced her opposition to organising a public referendum om any constitutional amendment, saying it would too expensive to do so and public hearings should be enough.

She supported the move to amend Article 237, saying the provision deprives the basic rights of party executives by having to shoulder responsibility for an executive who commits an offence. The law also affects political stability and destroys the political mechanism, she said.

Siriwan disapproves of amending Article 309, because the attempt could lead to a coup since it is believed it would destroy any checks on corruption.

The former president of the Constitution Court, Kramol Thongthammachart, said lawmakers must ensure they do not destroy the sacredness of the law, as laws could be changed for vested interests.

The move has been criticised so much because people believe MPs are doing it to help parties that face extinction, he said.

He said if MPs wanted to amend only certain articles, their attempt would be in vain because of social opposition.

They have to amend the Constitution systematically and with sincere objectives to benefit the public, he said.

Kramol disapproved of conducting a public referendum before any amendment, saying it should be done after the draft has been completed.

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